In October 2015 members of the Steering Committee gathered together to
reconnect with one another, re-visit our purpose and renew our commitments.

Hosted by the Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center in Oregon, Illinois, we were all blessed to be surrounded by God's gorgeous nature and be surrounded by old friends and new. The group pictured here is not the entire group of advisors we are blessed to be ushered by, but the people who were able to stop, for this moment in their lives, and devote two days to discern and discuss the future of LRC. We are currently seeking to interview others who may be interested in serving this group, either regionally or nationally. Please contact Keith Mundy, Interim Chair, if you feel you have an asset that you can share (time, treasure or talent!).

Certain LRC strengths emerged during this Steering Committee retreat which we want to focus on in the coming months. They include, but are not limited to:
  • > a unique role to play for the larger eco-justice movement as we offer strong theological integrity via our resources, professional assets and networks,
  • > being non-partisan allows access for a greater variety of people/institutions to utilize our materials and work together (we're bridge-builders)
  • > working across all ministries within this denomination allows initiatives to be catered to particular needs/capabilities of a congregation, synod or region.


Click on a name of a member of the LRC Steering Committee to see a profile for that person.


David Rhoads, Transitional Director

Professor Emeritus of New Testament, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

Alycia Ashburn 

Cleveland, OH

Erik C. Backus

Howard E. Lechler Endowed Director

Construction Engineering Management Program, Clarkson University


State Coordinator of Wisconsin Interfaith Power and Light
Public Policy Coordinator Wisconsin Council of Churches
Sun Prairie, WI

Director of Environmental Education
Camp Lutherlyn, Prospect, PA

Professor of Religion, Luther College

Mercy Investment Services 

Phoebe Morad

National Program Coordinator

Lutherans Restoring Creation


Keith Mundy 

Director for Stewardship, ELCA

Dennis Ormseth

Chair, EcoFaith Network

Minneapolis Area Synod


Professor of Church and Society and Urban Ministry
Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
Executive Director at Luther Point Bible Camp

Holly Schubert

Assistant Director of Environmental Education

Camp Lutherlyn, Prospect, PA


Russ Senti  

Director Lutheran Outdoor Ministry Center, Oregon, IL

John Spangler

Executive Assistant to the President for Communication and Planning

Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg

Nick Utphall


Advent Lutheran Church, Madison, WI


Kim Winchell

Diaconal Minister

Earthkeeping Ministries, North/West Lower MI Synod