A Shared Concern




This is a collective obligation,

this is a collective effort

by humanity as a whole,

by all who really care

to preserve and to protect

this precious gift,

this global treasure,

this divine creation,

the vital source which sustains life, 

the source which shelters,

nourishes, and nurtures all of us,


to resist, to counteract, to prevent

the greed and the grabbing,

the trampling, the ravaging, the raping,

the polluting, and the trashing,

the subduing, and the smashing,

of plutocrats

 who are out and about 

to plunder and pilfer,

to degrade and destroy,

and to enrich themselves

at the expense

of all forms of life

 and the chances of survival

and continued living.

They are in in this

to enrich and aggrandize themselves.

They are in this

for the taking,

and not for the giving.

It is time to stand together.

to become and to remain as

 collaborative shields of protection.

It is a deed and a duty

which most urgently needs to be done.

We cannot stand idly by

while this perpetual warring against the planet

by the narcissistically, selfishly, pointlessly palavering,

and incessantly plundering and profiteering plutocrats

continues unabated,

 and in due course,

to our individual detriment

and our collective cost,

by them would be won.


Gerhard A. Fuerst



Illustration from page 16

of the April 2015 issue of

The Lutheran


Image credits: ISTOCK / YARUTA. Small Earth Images



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