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LRC-PA Synod Training Agreement

Lutherans Restoring Creation and Pennsylvania Synods of the ELCA

A partnership to bring care-for-creation into the life and congregations of the synod.


Lutherans Restoring Creation is dedicated to foster care for creation in the full life and institutions of the ELCA. One area of great opportunity for our church is that synodical care-for-creation teams might foster care for creation in the congregations in your synod. To that end we offer the following partnership to provide training for your synod.


LRC would like to propose an arrangement with your synod to help consolidate and expand the number of the care for creation congregations in your synod.


LRC will do the following:

1.      Provide care-for-creation training for 3 to 5 leaders from each synod so that they would a) be able to engage congregations who have not involved in it before, and b) plan a synodical networking event in the spring of 2011. LRC will pay all costs of transportation, lodging, and meals for these trainers at a training event at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg in January 2012, including all training materials.

2.      Appoint a person from our LRC steering team to provide guidance through the year in care for creation endeavors and follow-up.

3.      Offer a grant of $500.00 for each synod to put on an eco-faith event in the spring of 2011 designed to get together representatives from all congregations already engaged in care for creation and those desiring to embark on it.


LRC would ask your synod to do the following:

1.      Choose 3 to 5 leaders to send to the LRC training event in January who are prepared to do training of congregations during the spring and fall of 2012. During this period, agree to introduce and train LRC green teams in 6 new congregations who have not previously been engaged intentionally in caring for creation.

2.      Collect data on congregations in your synod who are already engaged in caring for creation, urge them to send reports of their activities to the LRC website, and invite them to participate in the eco-faith event you plan to be held sometime during the year following the training.

3.      Plan, promote, and carry out a networking event of all congregations with green teams and those interested in becoming newly involved. Your synod will determine the best time, place, format, and content for this event.

We are very eager to work with each synodical LRC team to carry out these opportunities so that together we in the ELCA might strengthen and expand our god given vocation to celebrate and care for God’s good creation.


Bishop ______________________________________________________________


Synodical Team representative ___________________________________________


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Please sign two copies and return to event organizer Phoebe Morad at pheebscongo@yahoo.com