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List of Synods

To find contacts, reports, and resources related to a specific ELCA synod, click on its name below!

Note: names below a specific synod are the contact people for that synod; click on the synod name for information on how to contact them.

An "R" next to the names of the contact people indicates the presence of a report for the synod; click on the synod name to read the report.

    Lynn Miller

Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod
    Rudy Hermann
Central/Southern Illinois Synod
    Dave Sanders; Russ Senti;
     George Davis

Central States Synod
    Noni Strand
Delaware-Maryland Synod
    Jon Greenstone
    David Asendorf
Eastern North Dakota Synod
    Roger Bischoff
    Gretchen Stewart

Florida-Bahamas Synod
    Monica Folk

Grand Canyon Synod
    Gail Bliss

Greater Milwaukee Synod
    Steve Jerbi, David                       Dragseth. Report 2010
    Matthew Lenahan,
Naomi Carriker, Cliff Eshbach
     Jim Schwab, Brooke Peterson. Report 2010

Metropolitan New York Synod
    Dennis Frado, Sarah                  Gioe, David Rommereim

Metropolitan Washington, D.C., Synod
    Sarah Scherschligt
    David Wangaard   

    Bob Boettcher

Nebraska Synod
    Chuck Bentjen

     Paul Santmire, Nancy                 Wright, etc.

North Carolina Synod
    Ron and Nancy Bryant,              Edward and Vicki Hauser,          Paul Lutz
Northeastern Iowa Synod
    Jim Martin-Schramm,                  Donna Rasmussen
Northeastern Minnesota Synod
    Chris Manisto, Melissa              Stoller - Report 2010

Northeastern Ohio Synod
    George Murphy
    Don Knowles, Russ Senti, George Davis: Report 2010

Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Synod
    Peggy Ogden Howe

North/West Lower Michigan 
    Kim Winchell - Report 2010


Northwestern Minnesota Synod

  Steve Peterson, Carolyn Engebretson

Northwestern Ohio Synod

    Tom Bridgeman

Northwestern Pennsylvania Synod

    Mary Householder

Northwest Synod of Wisconsin

    Merry Soyck-Doring

Oregon Synod

    Norene Goplen

Pacifica Synod

    Mia McNulty

Rocky Mountain Synod

    Jeffrey Louden, Nelson Bock

Saint Paul Area Synod

 Matthew Anderson-Stembridge
Report 2010

Sierra Pacific Synod

    Dan Smith, Mark Carlson
    Lance Lindgren

South-Central Synod of Wisconsin

    Peter Bakken, etc.
Southeastern Iowa Synod

     Phil Leino, Paul D. Ostrem

Southeastern Minnesota Synod

   Anjanette Rist
Southern Ohio Synod

    Sarah Ward, Lindsay Barrett

Southwestern Minnesota Synod

    Mary Suomala-Folkards
Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod

    Pat Zerega, Sandy Kessinger
Southwestern Texas Synod
    Ned Gossett

Southwestern Washington Synod

    Donna Wilson, Rachel                 Esbjornso, etc.
Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod

    Lisa Brenskelle
Upper Susquehanna Synod

    Karl-John Stone
Virginia Synod

    Douglas Muschett