“Upcycled” Backdrop for Advent Worship

A parishioner at Village Church in Milwaukee, Jennifer Hellerman used bubble wrap, other packing material, and toilet paper rolls to create a beautiful Advent worship environment depicting falling snow.

Jennifer describes how she “upcycled” these materials to create a lovely space for Advent:

“The idea for the sanctuary installation came from observations I made of snow throughout the winter of 2010-2011, back when Milwaukee had snow! I was fascinated by the layering of fresh snow, melting, ice, layers of new snow upon old snow.

“I wanted to 'upcycle' materials and the translucence of bubble wrap matched my idea. Working with the bubble wrap like fabric was interesting and gratifying, and also a big challenge since the seams tended to come apart.

“I had a pattern for a retro ornament using using two toilet paper rolls that I had been wanting to try for a while.  I enlisted many family members to cut and punch holes in the forty or so ornaments needed. A church member told me they may start manufacturing toilet paper without cardboard rolls inside. Good grief!

“Village Church members contributed more materials than I could use! Part of the creative process is always about letting go, and I had to accept I couldn’t use it all.”

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