The King of Green

In Hickory, North Carolina, green is the color of choice at one of Lutheran Services for the Aging’s member organizations, Lutheran Home Hickory, Inc. The Maintenance Director there, David King, is known as the “King of Green."
According to Amber McIntosh, Administrator at Lutheran Home Hickory, Inc., King’s efforts to incorporate “green” features on the home’s sprawling campus have been extraordinary. “In addition to the use of compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) bulbs throughout the building,” McIntosh says, “David has switched to solar lighting outdoors wherever possible, added water conservation devices to toilet and shower remodels, installed programmable thermostats and occupancy sensors when appropriate, and instituted an ambitious recycling program to manage everything from cans and cardboard to yard waste and scrap metals.”

“God placed us on this earth and gave us the responsibility of utilizing what God has given us,” says King. “I believe it is our responsibility to utilize it as efficiently as we possibly can and leave what we can for generations beyond. And in most cases, there is a cost savings associated with doing these things in the long run.”

Lutheran Services for the Aging took ownership of its current offices in Salisbury four years ago. In their renovation of the main office building, they selected energy-efficient upgrades when choosing lighting, windows, and other key fixtures.

“When we took over the building that we're in now,” says Mary Ann Johnson, Director of Community Relations at Lutheran Services for the Aging, “folks wanted us to pretty much level all the trees that we had to expand our parking. We chose not to. We wanted to be good stewards and to preserve the natural surroundings and hold on to as many trees as possible.”

“I think when you want to practice environmental stewardship, you're constantly seeking a balance between what is economical, practical, and what's good for the earth,” Johnson says.

Lutheran Services for the Aging is a social ministry organizaton of the ELCA.

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