Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Hosts Environmental Educators

Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries (NLOM) hosted the 2013 Environmental Education Intensive for Lutheran Outdoor Ministries.  Educators from camps in Iowa, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Illinois gathered from Feb. 11-14 to share ideas, develop new programming, network, and worship.

Environmental Education Intensives are currently held every other year and are hosted by a camp that has an outdoor/environmental education program.  Each intensive addresses program development and marketing, includes considerable time for sharing and addressing common issues, and serves to re-energize participants through worship and devotions.

This year’s intensive was a fabulous event.  Participants discussed mission and vision statements, learned science experiments that could be done within camp programming, participated in a Project WILD workshop, and assessed resources for program development.  One of the highlights of the intensive was the session led by NLOM’s Director of Marketing and Communications, Casey Fuerst.  She discussed marketing plans and how to develop them specifically for environmental and outdoor education.

The worship and devotion themes were centered on the church’s need for an Eco-Reformation.  Participants worshipped with creation, meditated on what it means to serve and protect creation, were challenged to see Christ in all faces (not just human ones), and were sent out to take bold action to care for God’s creation.

Attendees all found the event to be extremely beneficial.  The knowledge gained at the event will improve each organization’s marketing strategies and aid in new program development.  NLOM was a great host and orchestrated a very valuable intensive.  Participants eagerly anticipate future opportunities to work together and share ideas.