Central States Synod LRC Mission Table Hosts Retreat - Next One in August!

Lutherans Restoring Creation Retreat – Central States Synod

Saturday and Sunday, February 27-28, 2016

Camp Tomah Shinga, Junction City, KS



“As a synod committed to care for creation, we affirm creation in all its glory and beauty. We acknowledge God as the source of all things. We acknowledge Christ as the redeemer of all things. We acknowledge the Spirit as the sustainer of all things. As a result, we strive to respect all of life as sacramental. We accept our vocation as earth-keepers who care for creation.”

                                                         - Lutherans Restoring Creation Guide for Synods


Over twenty members of Central States Synod Congregations and guests interested in learning more about Caring for Creation participated in a Lutherans Restoring Creation Retreat on Saturday and Sunday, February 27-28, 2016, at Camp Tomah Shinga, just south of Junction City, Kansas. 


Below is a link to the agenda and an updated list of next steps will be posted soon. Are you jealous when looking at these depictions of great people in communion with one another and the planet? JOIN the next one in St. Louis on August 20th! Contact Noni Strand ASAP for more information! nonistrand@gmail.com.  

The 2015 Central States Synod Assembly adopted a resolution to become a Lutherans Restoring Creation (LRC) Synod.  A CSS Lutherans Restoring Creation Mission Table was formed, and members have been active in getting organized, setting goals, forming a vision, gathering information from congregations, and planning this retreat for interested individuals in February.  CSS LRC Mission Table members are committed to helping equip our Synod congregations and members live out our vocation as earth-keepers who care for creation.