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Formation of the Lutheran Climate Change Initiative

In January 2010, a diverse group of lay and clergy participants from across the ELCA were invited to gather for a special, facilitated "Consultation on Climate Change" at The Lutheran Center in Chicago. This meeting grew out of long-standing educational and networking efforts among Lutherans on ecological issues, and as an initial follow up to a "Memorial" Resolution from the 2009 ELCA Churchwide Assembly, which urged ELCA action and response on climate change.
After a rich, shared time of prayer, reflection, discussion, visioning and planning, the group agreed to seek to develop a more coordinated and robust Lutheran response to climate change.
In subsequent (and ongoing) "meetings" via conference calls and a list-serve, the consulation participants settled upon a new name for the effort, along with a Vision and Mission Statement, and formed several sub-groups. Further information is below and on the previous page/links.
These are the initial "working groups" for the Lutheran Climate Change Coaltion:
1. Policies and practices (Kim Winchell, George Davis, Mary Minette, Daniel Smith)
2. Travel (Karen Rathbun, Lynette Engelhardt-Stott)
3. Measuring our Carbon Footprint  (Les Weber, Jim Martin-Schramm, Suhail Qumri, Sara Ward)
4. Financing (Keith Mundy, Brad Roos)
Telling the Story! (Liz Hunter, Nancy Michaelis, David Rhoads, Rich Zawistoski, Jon Skogen)
Note: Groups 1 and 3 have merged into the "Synod Outreach & Resources Group"
Note: As of 2011, The Lutheran Climate Change Coalition merged into Lutherans Restoring Creation and helped to develop LRC's Energy Stewards Intiative Program.
Click here for a list of participants in the Jan 2010 "consultation on climate change" and other consultants involved with this initiative.