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Raising Funds for Energy-Saving Projects

Energy Stewards Initiative

Fund raising Ideas for your congregation

We realize that it may take some upfront money to be able to do some of the projects that will help you save energy and free up money for mission. Consider the following.

1. Contact your local energy company:

·         They may offer free services such as energy audits

·         They may provide money saving recommendations

·         They may have incentives that will pay for some of the upfront costs

·         They may have payment plans, such as a rotating loan fund, to enable you to pay upfront costs over time as you save money from energy reduction.

·         Ask them to help you check out all the incentives and rebates from government agencies for insulation, furnaces, and especially renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and geothermal.

2. Grants:

·         Look to local foundations (including Lutheran ones) that will fund energy-saving projects.

·         Check out grants for the program from church agencies

·         Join with other congregations to seek grants by synod, region, or city

3. Loans

·         Ask a member to lend the money to the church upfront for major projects. Repay the loan out of energy savings. Enable the member to donate the interest as a contribution.

·         Work with a stable congregation with resources to provide an interest free loan to a struggling congregation, to be repaid out of energy savings.

·         Join with other congregations to establish a rotating loan fund fed by grants and contributions.

·         Ask members to contribute to an energy reduction fund as carbon offsets of their home and travel energy use.

4. Contributions

·         Seek special contributions from members to pay for energy-saving projects. Designate a mission project to which the savings would apply.

·         Request a contribution to cover the basic cost of the Energy Stewards Initiative program ($10.00 a month).

4. Lutherans Restoring Creation

·         LRC/ESI is seeking to establish a rotating loan fund for struggling congregations in urban and rural areas, perhaps funded by carbon offsets from Lutherans nationwide.