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Energy Star Portfolio Manager Training Videos

The ENERGY STAR program now has a suite of 7 short videos available on the training website (as well as the Trainers site). You can watch them directly on our site or download the file to put in presentations. Below is the list of available videos and links to watch/download. 

Watch on YouTube     Download [mp4, 51.5 MB]

How to setup meter
Watch on YouTube     Download [mp4, 69.6 MB]

How to generate standard reports
Watch on YouTube     Download [mp4, 42.3 MB]

How to respond to data requests
Watch on YouTube     Download [mp4, 42.7 MB]

How to create a data request
Watch on YouTube     Download [mp4, 24.9 MB]

How to connect with other users
Watch on YouTube     Download [mp4, 5.9 MB]

How to share properties
Watch on YouTube     Download [mp4, 13.4 MB]