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Todd Garcia-Bish

Todd is the Director of Environmental Education at Camp Lutherlyn in Prospect, Pennsylvania.  He holds a bachelor’s of science degree in chemistry from Gettysburg College and a master’s of science degree in environmental science from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

Todd began his career at Camp Lutherlyn in 1993 when he was hired as Director of Applied Environmental Science.  His tasks in this position included development of a maple sugaring program and a program that would educate students about sustainability.  Lutherlyn’s Maple Sugaring Program began in February of 1994 and, over the next two years, Terra Dei Homestead was developed and constructed.  Terra Dei (Latin for “God’s Earth”) includes an organic garden and the first straw bale house in Pennsylvania.

In 1996, Todd became Director of Environmental Education at Camp Lutherlyn. He has held that position for 15 years and has taught environmental education for 21 years. 

Lutherlyn’s environmental education program serves between 5000 and 6000 students a year from pre-school to college age.  The multi-faceted program includes environmental science, group building, history, archaeology, sustainability, and outdoor recreation.

Todd’s current projects include completing Lutherlyn’s straw bale Worship and Music Center and assisting with a summer course offered through Gettysburg Seminary that focuses on care of creation, Appalachia, and hydrofracturing.

Todd is supported by his beautiful wife, Shayne, and their children, Juliana and Micah (who help Todd maintain a sense of wonder).  Together they have recently constructed their own straw bale home that they use to educate students, friends, and neighbors about energy conservation and sustainability.