Luther Crest Bible Camp
Grounded in Creation Stewardship

Luther Crest Bible Camp in Alexandria, Minnesota is celebrating the 30th year of its environmental education program. Luther Crest annually serves up to 3,000 youth and adults from public and private schools in its region. Jody Johnson has been a part of these programs since 1997.


Jody is currently Associate Director of Luther Crest Bible Camp and she is extremely excited about how their environmental education program has been re-envisioned with respect to the camp’s mission statement. The statement reads: “We are called and committed to a Christ-centered ministry through Creation and Community.” Guided by this statement, Luther Crest developed its "Grounded In" program. This environmental stewardship program is divided into three focus areas: On Hallowed Ground, On Common Ground, and On Sustainable Ground.

On Hallowed Ground is a faith-based program focused on environmental issues and our response to God as stewards of the earth. It includes Bible-based nature activities, theology of the earth, and worship. This program highlights Luther Crest’s unique ability to meet the environmental education needs of Christian schools. “Minnesota has many residential environmental learning centers and nature centers. Luther Crest has now separated itself from the pack and established its specific identity,” notes Jody. 


The second component of Grounded In is On Common Ground. This team-based program focuses on community building and leadership development. It incorporates the use of Luther Crest’s low and high challenge courses, as well as outdoor survival components and leadership training.
Finally, the On Sustainable Ground component focuses on outdoor recreation and green living. From snowshoeing to energy and water use, this program teaches youth and adults the skills to enjoy the outdoors and ways to live that sustain these outdoor resources.
“So far, the response has been very favorable,” says Jody. “We have had several Christian schools choose to book with us instead of a non-Christian environmental center as a result of our ability to incorporate a Christian message into each environmental class that we offer.”
At Luther Crest, the commitment to the mission statement continues beyond programming. The food service staff purchases local, grass-fed beef and incorporates local, organic foods into their offerings as much as possible. An organic garden was recently created that teaches summer campers how to grow food sustainably and provides a source of organic produce for the food service staff.

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