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Bear Creek Camp, PA

1.       Ways that Bear Creek Camp is currently working to be stewards of creation.

a.       Environmental Education

                                                              i.      Teaching students, campers, & guests about best practices.

1.       School groups

2.       Scout programs

3.       Retreat groups

4.       Birthday parties

5.       Earth Day event

                                                            ii.      Creation stewardship presentations to congregations and at synodical gatherings

                                                          iii.      Using reusable program supplies.

1.       Laminated sheets

2.       Maintaining and protecting equipment (cleaning, good storage, etc)

b.      Food Service

                                                              i.      Reusable plates, cups, etc

                                                            ii.      Using compost in garden.

                                                          iii.      Using food harvested from garden.

                                                           iv.      Recycling

c.       Cleaning

                                                              i.      Mixing our own cleaning products

                                                            ii.      Reusable spray bottles

d.      Office

                                                              i.      Purchasing recycled and reusable materials when possible

1.       Paper

2.       Refillable highlighters

                                                            ii.      Recycling paper

                                                          iii.      Reusing paper for notes

e.      Site Management

                                                              i.      Bear Creek Wildlife Conservation Association

1.       Helps maintain healthy wildlife populations

2.       Members do volunteer hours (trail maintenance)

3.       Monies from this membership go towards habitat improvement

a.       Tree plantings

b.      Food plots

                                                            ii.      Timbering

1.       Provides varied habitat for wildlife

2.       Provides money for camp programs

3.       Educational opportunity (succession, habitat, etc)

f.         Maintenance

                                                              i.      Reuse wood products

                                                            ii.      Trying to purchase new, long-lasting equipment

                                                          iii.      Wood for source of heat in some staff housing.

                                                           iv.      Proper disposal of materials (oil, paint, light bulbs, etc)

g.       Programs

                                                              i.      Repairing before purchasing new equipment

                                                            ii.      Purchasing quality, long-lasting items

1.       Boating equipment

2.       Sports cones

                                                          iii.      Outdoor Living

1.       Using reusable plates, etc

2.       Laminated recipe cards

3.       Water bottles

4.       Back packs

5.       Low impact camping at designated sites

2.       Ways that Bear Creek Camp will be better stewards of God’s creation.

a.       Environmental Education

                                                              i.      More interpretive resources

                                                            ii.      Butterfly House project nearing completion

b.      Food Service

                                                              i.      Growing more of our own food for guests

                                                            ii.      Setting up and using the donated greenhouse

c.       Maintenance

                                                              i.      Energy saving renovations

                                                            ii.      Erosion control project