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Agape Kure Beach Ministries Workshop

Woodlands Center

Workshop – For NCAEE

March 5, 2010

Mission Statement:

Agapé V Kure Beach Ministries calls and gathers all people to experience the Spirit through unique,

small-group encounters with Christ, in Creation, and Community.

Board Policy:

                All current and future construction at either site will be sensitive to our call to stewardship of the earth.  New construction will carefully evaluate innovative “green construction” methods to meet the needs of the people these facilities will serve.  Consideration will be given to LEED standards for construction and how new construction can be seen as a teaching tool in fulfilling God’s command to care for the Creation (Genesis 2:15). 


Green Features in the Woodlands Center:

1.       Hardy Plank Siding – Low Maintenance – concrete based/ cellulose fiber product –

a.       retains paint, resistant to rot and bugs

2.       Trex Board Decking Material – No maintenance, Recycled Plastic Material

a.       95% recycled products (plastic bags, bottles, wood pallets, reclaimed wood and sawdust)

3.       Rain Barrels – used to water landscaping and herb garden

4.       Crepe Myrtles -  rescued and re-planted around the building

5.       Heat Pumps – 15 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) – most are 6-12 SEER

a.       Programmable Thermostats to control energy draw

6.       Cellulose Spray on Foam Insulation – 85% recycled newspaper & office paper – Sealed Envelope Design

a.       Seals tight, mold & rodent resistant, sound deadening, low toxicity, high energy value

7.       Sky Tubes – Natural lighting

8.       Gas Water Heaters – 96% efficient

9.       Wood look flooring and wainscot – uses recycled vinyl and rubber

a.       Konecto – brand name

10.   Carpeting – Recycled Soda bottles (40 used per Yard)

a.       More colorfast and resilient, reduces solid waste

11.   Low and no VOC paints and glues used throughout –

a.       reduces toxins, reduces groundwater and ozone depletion

12.   Lighting – fluorescent and compact fluorescent throughout

13.   Argon Sealed Windows – double R-value to conventional windows

14.   Toilets – Dual Flush  1.6 Gallons; .6 Gallons

15.   Low Flow Faucets and Urinals

16.   Soap & towel dispensers, Toilet Paper – coreless paper rolls

17.   High efficiency hand dryers – downstairs  - no waste for high volume use

18.   Practice Recycling & Vermi-composting

19.   Picnic Tables in Parker Classroom made from recycled plastics

20.   Kitchen Supplies – Corn Starch based, 100% bio-degradable plates, bowls, glasses, utensils

a.       Distributor – US Foods

b.      Eco-Product, Boulder CO

“Experience the Spirit … Christ, Creation, Community”

Camp Agapé V 1369 Tyler Dewar Lane V Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 V (919) 552-9421