"Climate Justice, Hope, and a Lutheran Ethic of Love Incarnate." 

Cynthia Moe-Lobeda,

Professor of Theological & Social Ethics
Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Berkley CA

The Luther Lecture delivered at PLTS on April 6, 2016

Humankind stands at a turning point in history. Either we continue on a fast track toward climate disaster or we harness human genius and creativity to forge a sustainable relationship between the human species and our planetary home. The moral challenge is heightened by matters of climate justice: those most vulnerable to the ravages of climate change are also the people least responsible for it. In this context, Earth’s religious traditions are called to plumb their depths, seeking wellsprings of moral vision, hope, and wisdom for building ecologically sound and socially just ways of living. Lutheran traditions are rich with such resources. One is the call to faith active in love that seeks justice. Another is the call to heed God’s presence “flowing and pouring through all things.” This lecture explores both as transformative Spirit-led invitations and gifts.

  • Part One: Layers of the problem that climate colonialism/climate debt present to the call to love neighbor as self
  • Part Two: Lutheran resources for hope and moral-spiritual power
  • Part Three: A call to theological Education of the three-part lecture is a "call to theological education," 

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 The artwork in the slide show is by Kristen Gilje.