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LCF Holiday Creation Care Initiative

A Message from the Lutheran Community Foundation, an organization which supports LRC:

There are a number of pressing and unmet needs facing our shared community, and the Lutheran Community Foundation (LCF) is addressing three of these critical issues through its strategic initiatives.  

The LCF just launched a campaign to raise awareness of its Creation Care Environmental Initiative, plus its International Disaster Response and Ending Family Violence Initiatives.  By visiting the LCF on Facebook (www.facebook.com/TheLCFlcf), your supporters can vote for $1 to support the Creation Care Environmental Initiative.

We hope you’ll share this news with your supporters and encourage them to vote for dollars to support Creation Care.  Their votes will add to the $50,000 that the LCF has already pledged to Lutherans Restoring Creation.  To help you, we have attached a sample email, and Facebook post, and Tweet that you could use on your social media sites.  Please use these or messaging of your own, to encourage your supporters to vote.  

Facebook support is limited to a total of $5,000, so encourage your supporters to act now!  If you have any questions about the campaign, please contact David Meier at the LCF (david.meier@TheLCF.org).

We hope you will join us to spread joy during the holidays!