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Get Involved. As a Christian and as a Lutheran, you can be a leader in creation care in your personal life style and your role in society. On this page, you will find resources and examples for what you can do to become part of the great work of our time--helping to restoring creation. Let us know what you are doing or what resources you have discovered or created, so that we can post them to inspire and encourage others. Write to info@LutheransRestoringCreation.org with your stories and challenges!

Our Calling as People of God

Stewardship of the Earth

"The people of God are called to the care and redemption of all that God has made. This includes the need to speak on behalf of this earth, its environment and natural resources and its inhabitants."

From ELCA document "Vision and Expectations."

Resources for Eco-Justice Living

Make a personal covenant with creation to live green: Personal Covenant with Creation

These resources can help you carry it out:

           Other denominations: Resources for environmental ministry from other denominations