Harnessing “The Butterfly Effect”A Joint Book Review of Resisting Structural Evil: Love as Ecological-Economic Vocation, Cynthia D. Moe-Lobeda andFlight Behavior, Barbara Kingsolver by The Rev. Dr. Leah D. Schade, Ph.D. [Read More]

God's Earth is Sacred
is a 
book of essays compiled by the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Programs. This collection of essays from prominent theologians and religious practitioners examines environmental issues from a religious perspective, and provides ethical and moral reflections what it means to be a Christian and care for God's Earth.  The authors respond to the National Council of Churches 2004 ecumenical statement on the environment.

God's Earth is Sacred includes an essay by Lutheran theologian Rev. Dr. H. Paul Santmire called "Ritualizing Nature: The First Step of the New Journey", which lays out a vision for liturgical renewal that more fully promotes care of the whole of God’s Creation. The book also features essays from Laurel Kearns, Willis Jenkins, Larry Rasmussen and many more esteemed theologians.


Eco-Lutheranism: Lutheran Perspectives on the Ecology, ed.Karla Bohmbach and Shauna Hannan  
(Lutheran University Press, 2013) 

Dare we assert the existence of an Eco-Lutheranism, and if so, what might it look like? We are charged by God to live simultaneously and wholly in the “now and the not yet.” How do we do that? By questioning and critiquing our Western cultural (and Lutheran) up-down schemas? By reimagining worship in ways more keyed to the outside and to all the various elements of creation? By practicing neighbor-love toward those with whom we disagree, especially, but not only, through engaging in respectful dialogue with them? By contemplating, and even engaging in, acts of radical civil disobedience—a la Bonhoeffer—on behalf of the environment? Yes, all these ways and more suggest how we might live out our callings as faithful servants to both God and the world. [Read More]

NEW LSTC professor links Christian worship and care for creation 

Eco-theologians and lay readers alike have a new, paperless way to learn about ecology and Christian worship. The Rev. Dr. Benjamin M. Stewart’s book A Watered Garden: Christian Worship and Earth’s Ecology is now available in a Kindle edition. A Watered Garden links worship with God’s creation, drawing connections between the natural world and ecumenical patterns of worship.