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Manuals for Use by Congregations

"Cultivating Hope: Greening Churches Guide" now available

As part of the 2012 Greening Churches Summer Program at Luther College, interns Kristi Holmberg and Callie Mabry partnered with seven churches in Decorah, Iowa and two in Mason City, Iowa to work on environmental stewardship. They have created "Cultivating Hope: Greening Churches Guide" for churches and other interested individuals. 
The contents of this guide include an introduction to the connections between faith, social justice and sustainability, suggestions for what churches can do regarding water, energy, waste, recycling, and land use, resources for incorporating environmentalism into worship, Sunday school lessons and youth group activities written by Holmberg and Mabry, recommendations of curriculum available online and for purchase, and a list of additional online resources.

If you are interested in learning more about the Greening Churches Guide or Program, please contact Internship supervisor, Professor Ruth Kath at kathruth@luther.edu.

Download the guide in PDF Format (the file is large and may take time to load).

The Congregational Earthkeeping Manual provides a comprehensive overview of strategies, ideas, and checklists for creation care. It is one of LRC's most popular initiatives!

Click on either link to download the new version!

Download as a PDF file.

Download as a Microsoft Publisher Document.

Other Manuals for Congregations
The Environmental Guide for Churches: Their Buildings and Grounds is a guide specifically for greening of church properties. It contains many helpful (and cost-saving) suggestions.
The Comprehensive Checklists for Green Congregations provides a useful summary of different steps towards greening your congregation. It's also a great way to measure and celebrate all of your success.
Curious about what other Christian denominations are doing for creation? Check out Earth Care in the Christian Tradition: Resources by Denomination.