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ELCA World Hunger

It is critical to see the connections between ecological degradation and the pervasive problems worldwide with poverty and hunger. The ELCA has a mission to address hunger and poverty at home and abroad. Our congregations need to know about these connections and to mobilize to address them.
Here are some links to the ELCA educational resouces for congregations related to poverty and hunger.

ELCA World Hunger homepage

Learn more about the ELCA’s anti-hunger and anti-poverty ministry, and access a wealth of resources, ideas, and links to help start your congregation’s anti-hunger efforts or connect to environmental emphases through the lens of hunger and poverty.


ELCA World Hunger Toolkit on Climate Change Connections

Take yourself, your class, or your congregation on a journey that explores the intersections between climate change and hunger. These toolkits are designed to be a program-in-a-box or customizable segments of information and activities for use in many congregational or educational settings


ELCA World Hunger Taking Root: Hunger Causes, Hunger Hopes Curriculum

This is a complete curriculum spanning ages from Kindergarten through 12th grade that contains severalactivities related to climate change and environmental concerns. Contact the ELCA World Hunger office for assistance in finding the right part of the curriculum for your needs.


Hunger Sermon Starters

Get your creative sermon juices flowing with ideas and ponderings about each Sunday’s lectionary from a hunger-focused perspective. While you’re there, sign up for the Hunger Sermon Starters listserv and receive weekly e-mails with upcoming postings.


Stories about Creation Care

Many ELCA World Hunger Reproducible Stories feature climate- or earth-related issues and success stories. Browse current stories online or order a printed copy of the latest stories.