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Ideas and resources to help you learn to weave care for creation into the educational contexts and opportunities within the life of your congregation.

See the Resources, Books, and Videos pages, and the Educational Ministry page and Recommended Earthkeeping Resouces page.

Read a reflection on why education at the congregational level is essential.

Here is a short summary of recommended books, video/DVD, and web sites.


See an Action plan for a wealth of suggestions and ideas, including

  • Learning more about environmental issues & eco-justice considerations
  • Lutheran theological & other biblical and Christian perspectives on creation care
  • Ideas for incorporating eco-justice into your Christian Education program at all levels.
  • Connecting educational opportunities with regular committee meetings or other occasions of congregational life.
  • Hands-on experiences for learning
Use this checklist to keep track of your creation-care commitments (from our sister site, Web of Creation).
Click here for a useful set of excerpts from the ELCA Social Statement "Caring for Creation," along with some discussion questions. These might be helpful for adult forums, church bulletins and newsletters, Bible studies, and so on.

Also, here is a reflection on Luther's Small Catechism and our vocation as Earthkeepers (written by Pastor Nick Utphall of St. Steven's Lutheran Church in Madison, WI).

Educate your members to save energy at home with these resources: 

Here are several lists of bible verses, tips, and reflections to put in your bulletin or newsletter. Just give them to the person who does the bulletin and have them enetered each week.

NEW Children's Education 

Two resources for children on the Church Gardens page:

  • How Abad and Shamar Became Gardeners, a children's book by Pastor Jeff Wild;
  • Our Place in God's World, a garden curriculum by Kimberlee Eighmy