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Church Gardens

Cool Harvest program from Interfaith Power & Light

Interfaith Power & Light offers a program called "Sow a Cool Harvest" — faith garden ideas for a cooler planet. This program is filled with inspirational stories from faith gardens across the country. It includes ideas for installing raised beds, building a worm composting bin (which kids love), tips on choosing seeds, and ideas for what to do with all the produce.

If you are unable to plant a garden, you will still find useful information in the organization's kit — ideas such as hosting a farmers' market, being the hub of community supported agriculture, or gleaning healthy food for redistribution.
When you order, you will also receive, free of charge, Enjoy a Cool Harvest "dinner and a movie" organizer's kit. This program is designed to help you gently raise awareness within your community about climate-friendly food choices. It includes ideas for hosting your own "cool potluck".

And when you order the kits, we're also able to pass along a really good deal on the companion DVDs: DIRT! and Nourish.