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Submit a College/University Report

Request for Reports

Lutherans Restoring Creation would like to receive a report of the “care for creation” organization and actions at your school. We are eager to share these reports on the LRC internet site and to develop an updated database for contacts and connections among ELCA colleges and universities. We are eager to hear of any and all items happening at your school. Our hope is that this will facilitate idea-sharing and collaboration among schools.

We are especially interested in what is happening in terms of classroom curricula, the buildings and grounds of your campus, speakers and conferences, student groups, and religious life in your community.

Your report will be posted under your school's section on this site (see "College Contacts and Reports" on the navigation bar to your left) and on this page.

Please send an electronic copy of your report to James Martin-Schramm at lrccu@luther.edu

For ideas, please visit our website at www.lutheransrestoringcreation.org .  Look especially at the subsection for ELCA colleges and universities, resources, and blog. 

Please also feel free to share relevant links to your school's website, and to link to this site (www.lutheransrestoringcreation.org) if you like.

St. Olaf College's Sustainability Task Force Report