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Pacific Lutheran University and Texas Lutheran University Work to Better the Environment Through Waste-Related Initiatives

Pacific Lutheran University has partnered with Keep America Beautiful, College and University's Recycling Coalition (CURC), and Goodwill Industries to provide the "Give and Go" program. Here, students are able to easily donate unwanted clothes, food, toiletries and furniture. Last year's efforts collected 104 tons of items! 63% of this was either recycled or recovered! In the fall, Texas Lutheran University's Sustainability Council hosted a recycling and swap shop event on campus. The recycling event allowed student to bring in their old unwanted batteries, phones, eye glasses, and other hard-to-recycle items for recycling. The swap shop allowed students to bring in any unwanted clothes, non-perishable foods, home decor, and other items to be donated. Students could also take home anything they found appealing at the swap event.