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Colleges and Universities Newsletter 8

October  25, 2016
Welcome back to the newsletter from the Colleges and Universities page of Lutherans Restoring Creation. Our goal is to share information about "care for creation" activities and sustainability initiatives that are taking place at the twenty-six ELCA colleges and universities. 

It is amazing how many different ways ELCA schools are promoting sustainability and creation care on their campuses and in their communities. By sharing information about these initiatives, we hope this newsletter will be a helpful way to share ideas and inspire new projects and practices.  

Please email lrccu@luther.edu with any sustainability news you would like to see featured on the website and in this newsletter. 

We look forward to further collaboration with all ELCA colleges and universities. 

Thank you.

Featured Stories
St. Olaf College Uses Class to Design the Environmentally-Friendly Swanson House

The Swanson House at St. Olaf college was used recently to explore the theory and practice associated with environmentally conscious whole house renovations. A fall semester course about green building and re-modeling produced a rich whole house remodel proposal which was implemented in multiple phases by students during the summer months. The class explored the ecological, cultural, and social challenges associated with structures that provide humanity a home. By the end of the course, three student teams collaboratively generated three separate whole house remodel plans for Swanson House and pitched their ideas at an open public forum on the St. Olaf College campus. As part of the final exam, the class utilized the best ideas from the three teams to develop a single comprehensive design to propose to Campus Facilities. During the summer 2014, a team of seven class participants worked collaboratively with Facilities staff and other trade professionals to implement the first phase of the comprehensive design remodel and engaged in other projects across campus. To learn more about the Swanson House initiative click here. 
Augustana College, Rock Island Offers Valuable Environmental Studies Summer Internship Opportunities for Students
  This past summer, two students were able to work with River Bend Wildland Trust (RBWT) to identify environmental issues and conserve land, water, air and other natural resources. RBWT strives to preserve habitats and ecosystems, and to educate the community.  As part of its education goal, RBWT hopes to restore natural environments while providing experience and teaching essential skills to interns that will give them a competitive boost in their field. Throughout their internship, these two students were responsible for identifying invasive plants as well as hazards and maintenance problems for restoration sites. To read more about this internship offering click here.

Wartburg Sustainability Offers Reusable T-Shirt Bag Stand at the Wartburg Renaissance Faire
Wartburg Sustainability recently had a booth at the Renaissance Faire during Wartburg Homecoming. At this booth, a reusable t-shirt bag-making station was offered and educational trivia games were played. The t-shirts that were used to make the reusable bags were clean t-shirts that were donated by current students. To learn more about Wartburg Sustainability, click here. 
Lenior-Rhyne Offers Post-Graduate Sustainability Studies Program
The Center for Graduate Studies at Lenoir Rhyne University provides the perfect classroom for the next generation of environmentally and socially conscious citizens. Alisha Goodman (Pictured with Dr. Keith McDade, Associate Professor of Sustainability Studies) is passionate about education and the learning process. Just six months after completing her undergraduate degree, she knew she was ready to go back to school. "I viewed every reading as a rock unturned and each assignment as an opportunity to explore a new possibility." Alisha enrolled in the Master of Science in Sustainability Studies program at Lenoir-Rhyne University's Center for Graduate Studies of Asheville. The program provided the flexible scheduling she needed to allow her to attend classes while maintaining a full-time job. In addition, she was impressed by the commitment the Center and the city of Asheville have made to sustainability. For more on this story, click here.
Faculty Spotlight: Paul Jackson, St. Olaf College
 Paul's professional interests range from chemical analysis and green chemistry to environmental health, ethics, and sustainability in higher education. His teaching bridges chemistry, environmental studies, and first year conversations programs, and it frequently incorporates civic engagement. He directs collaborative research related to chemical profiling and watershed assessment, green chemistry in science curricula, and sustainable living. Paul serves as a member of the college's Framework Planning Steering Committee, directs the faculty-led Environmental Science in Australia off-campus study program, and offers a course in Japan that examines how institutions and landscapes recover from major disturbance. Jackson served on the design team for Regents Hall of Natural and Mathematical Sciences. He was instrumental in incorporating green chemistry into that building's construction, which resulted in greatly reduced use of toxic chemicals in comparison to traditional laboratories. He received his B.A. from St. Olaf College and Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. To read more about Paul Jackson,click here.

This newsletter is provided by the Lutherans Restoring Creation-College and Universities page editors: Jim Martin-Schramm, who is a member of the Religion faculty at Luther College, and Kristina Johnson, who is a student at Luther College. (To read our bios click here.)  We would like to thank you for taking time to read our newsletter. If you have any comments or questions or requests, please feel free to contact us at  lrccu@luther.edu.

Thank you,
Jim Martin-Schramm and Kristina Johnson

Lutherans Restoring Creation: Mission Statement

We seek to empower and equip ELCA congregations, synods, seminaries, colleges and universities, outdoor ministry sites, public policy offices, social ministry organizations, and the ELCA churchwide leadership to embrace caring for creation in more substantive and meaningful ways. 

A Speakers Bureau has been gathered of informed leaders in the ELCA capable of serving as conference speakers, panel participants, and workshop leaders for events sponsored by congregations, synods, seminaries, ministeriums, colleges, and other agencies of the church. To view, 
Events: Happening Now

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Declares October as Campus Sustainability Month:

The entire month of October.

Universities and Colleges across the midwest

AASHE invites organizations to join us in celebrating Campus Sustainability Month (CSM) throughout October!

CSM provides an unparalleled series of opportunities to engage and inspire incoming students and other campus stakeholders to become leaders for sustainability. It's also a great opportunity to raise awareness of the value of sustainability in higher education.

Further details on how to participate can be found here. 
Helpful Resources

Guide to Green Degrees and Careers:

With environmental issues gaining traction in the social consciousness, green careers are constantly growing in both popularity and availability. In turn, colleges and universities are offering more degrees which lead to green jobs.  This guide was created to help prospective students understand what their sustainability education options are and what type of careers are available. The guide was developed in part by Nurit Katz, Sustainability Coordinator at UCLA, and provides an in-depth look at the typical green career path, top-paying green careers, and more. To visit this site, click here.
Sustainability in Action: Tips for Going Green: 
Top Universities Blog
  1. Stop using disposable items. 
  2. Buy second-hand, buy local, and re-sell
  3. Embrace a minimalist lifestyle
  4. Don't get sucked in by free/discounted offers for students. 
  5. Go digital. 
  6. Get cycling. 
  7. Hold off on the heating/air conditioning
  8. Recycle 
To read this article, click here. 
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