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NEW Augustana-Rock Island doing a better job of recycling

Most students take out the trash and recycling to the dumpster near their residence hall, but not many know what happens to the waste and recycled material after it is disposed. At 6 a.m. each day, trash is picked up by Eagle Enterprises and taken to their facilities in Galva, Illinois. Read more

Saint Olaf and Luther Colleges Make Clean Energy List

Saint Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota, and 
Luther College, Decorah, Iowa, were recently named number 15 and number 5, respectively, on CleanEnergy.org's list of 40 religious groups practicing creation care with wind turbines. In 2005 St. Olaf became the first liberal arts college in the nation to construct a utility-grade wind turbine for the sole purpose of providing energy to the campus.  Luther's  wind turbine allows the college to power two full facilities on campus and helps provide energy for 12- students living in these facilities. 

With Help from Luther College, God’s Land is in Good Hands at Washington Prairie
Members of Washington Prairie Lutheran Church have always appreciated the pastoral setting near Decorah where the stone church building has stood since 1872. Recently, the congregation participated in a “Greening Churches Internship” project sponsored by Luther College to help congregations learn how they can be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Members then learned that a portion of the Washington Prairie land is a rare oak savanna—a borderline area where eastern woodlands meet western tall grass prairie. The congregation committed to preserving that piece of history and turning a bare pasture into an orchard for the future.  [Read More]

Sustainable Projects on Muhlenberg College Rooftops

The rooftops at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA are full of fish and green vegetation! Tilapia are bred sustainably in a rooftop greenhouse on the science building, and the student union has an energy-saving green roof.  Read More

Library Recycling Project

When Thomas Library at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio undertook an enormous weeding project of some of its print journal holdings, Director Doug Lehman and Serials Administrative Assistant Lori Judy confronted a problem. If they were to discard all those periodicals that were now available through online sources, they needed to find something to do with the paper -- tons of paper -- which would be headed out the door. The complication is that these periodicals were bound, and most paper recyclers can’t handle those materials. 
Read More



Jim Martin-Schramm, Colleges and Universities Page Co-Editor

Greetings! My name is Jim Martin-Schramm. I serve the ELCA as a Professor of Religion at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. I have the honor of serving as the host for the “Colleges and Universities” section of the Lutherans Restoring Creation website. The purpose of this section is to share information about “care for creation” activities and sustainability initiatives that are taking place on our campuses.
Over time this site will offer access to a wide variety of resources and reports that have been developed at our schools. This can only happen with your participation, however. Please send me hotlinks to related campus websites, related worship resources, reports on campus sustainability projects, climate action plans, and other related news and resources for posting on the website. Please also send me suggestions for blog discussions. Electronic document transfer is preferred. Please send electronic media materials to lrccu@luther.edu . Please send printed materials to Jim Martin-Schramm, Professor of Religion, Luther College, 700 College Drive, Decorah, IA, 52101. You can also reach me by phone at 563-387-2131.

I look forward to the fruits of our collaboration and sharing!
Best wishes,
Jim Martin-Schramm

Read a sermon by James Martin-Schramm:
Connie Barclay, Colleges and Universities Page Co-Editor

My name is Connie Barclay, member of First Lutheran in Decorah, IA. Currently I serve as the chair of our Green Team/Property Committee. My awareness of the need to nurture our precious earth is a confluence of events and opportunities over the last decades. I am employed at Luther College, which is highly committed to green practices and takes pains to inform and educate its community of the need to reduce our carbon footprint. Working with two passionate educators, Professors Jim Martin-Schramm and Ruth Kath, I have been involved in the planning of several greening conferences and events. I also serve as co-editor of the colleges and universities page of Lutherans Restoring Creation. [Read More]

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