GreenFaith-LRC Certification Program Components

GreenFaith Certification Program for Lutherans

Program Requirements (at a glance)


Steps in the program:

For more detailed information, visit:

1. Apply

2. Getting started (First six months)

·         Write mission statement

·         Develop communications plan

·         Publicize your acceptance to the congregation, and the wider media

·         Conduct comprehensive, self-guided audit

·         Develop action plan for Spirit, Stewardship and Justice requirements [see below]

3. Next year and a half

·         Carry out action plans/steps in Spirit, Stewardship and Justice

4. Give progress reports twice a year 

5. Complete the program and receive certification as a GreenFaith Sanctuary.


Please note: You are encouraged to meet many of the expectations of the program with Lutheran resources. In a few topic areas below, GF and LRC ask that congregations fulfill the Certification Program requirements through the use of ELCA-specific resources; for instance, using an ELCA curriculum to fulfill a religious education requirement. This provides a Lutheran dimension to the Certification Program in your community, and ensures you are making good use of LRC and ELCA resources. In a few cases, we ask your congregation to fulfill Lutheran requirements that are in addition to the ones prescribed by GreenFaith, such as through publicizing ELCA social statements. For a description of Lutheran resources and critical components, see the adjunct file “Lutheran Resources-Requirements.”


Please note: On occasion, a requirement may be met by or substituted by a program or project already completed by the congregation before entering the program. For discussion of this possibility, contact the GF director of the Certification Program, Stacey Kennealy at


Area Requirements

Institutions will be given a more detailed description of these items upon acceptance into the Program. For fuller description, visit:


Spirit Requirements

·         Worship

Conduct 3 eco-themed worship services per year

·         Religious Education

                        For adults, teens and children.

                        The Biblical and Theological Foundations for ordained leaders.

·         Spirituality

                        Conduct interfaith religious-environmental activities.

                        Conduct inter-generational religious-environmental programs


Environmental Justice (EJ) Requirements

·         Environmental Justice Education

                        Conduct three educational programs over two years on environmental justice.

·         Building Relationships with EJ Leaders

                        Identify ways that your institution can support Environmental Justice initiatives.

·         Advocating for Environmental Justice.

                        Conduct at least one Environmental Justice Advocacy Campaign per year for two years.


Stewardship Requirements

Choose 25 Stewardship initiatives from a comprehensive list in the following categories: Energy and Transportation; Food and Water; Waste and Toxics; Grounds Maintenance.


Communications Requirements

·         Carry out the Communications Plan.

·         Publicize your efforts to your members.

·         Publicize your efforts to external audiences.