GreenFaith certification program with LRC: Benefits for your congregation

GreenFaith Certification Program with LRC

Benefits for your congregation


There are many benefits to this program. Here are some proven ones based on GreenFaith’s experience with the Certification Program:


Fulfill your congregational vocation to care for creation. Whether just beginning to become green or already committed, this program will enable you to accomplish many things, large and small. Components of the program will enable members to deepen their experience of God and enhance their relationship with nature.


Deepen your faith. The worship and educational components of the program will enable you to learn the Biblical and Lutheran foundations for caring of the Earth and strengthen your resolve at a congregational and personal level to our responsibility for Earth-keeping.


Revitalize your congregation. Many congregations get a renewed sense of purpose and are energized by the projects and the programs involved.


Attract new and young members. People outside the church or inactive as members are often drawn to a congregation that expresses a commitment to things that they care about. Involving new members in the program can quickly get them engaged. The communications resources available through the program help you to spread the word.


Broaden you partnerships. Through the ecumenical and interfaith components of the program you will widen the circle of those committed to Earth-keeping and learn from others how we can be more effective by collaborating in these efforts.


Save money. All congregations in the GreenFaith Certification Program have saved much more money than they expended for tuition in the program, sometimes on the order of tens of thousands of dollars. These savings can be directed to other areas of ministry.


GreenFaith/ LRC Pledge. It is the commitment of GreenFaith and Lutherans Restoring Creation to make this program as meaningful and as effective as possible for your congregation.