GF-LRC Certification: Lutheran Components and Resources

Resources/ Requirements for ELCA Churches in the GF Certification Program

Lutherans Restoring Creation/GreenFaith Partnership


Recommended Resources:

These resources will be placed into the password-protected Certification Program website as highly recommended for ELCA Churches. Other resources will be developed and added.




·         “Care for Creation Preaching Commentary” by Lutherans on the lessons for the three-year Revised Common Lectionary: at

·         “Four easy steps to making every service care for creation worship”:

·         Season of Creation: Four week alternative season, usually done in September, with themes, lessons, liturgies, and other resources. Ecumenical and founded/ adapted by Lutherans. See resources at Also, see The Season of Creation: A Preaching Commentary edited by Norman Habel, David Rhoads, and Paul Santmire (Fortress, 2011) [All Lutherans]. This could fulfill a worship requirement for congregations.

·         A series that ELCA did for Lent a few years ago:


Religious Education.

·         Sidebar under THEOLOGY at See especially Theological Reflections on Congregational Mission: A Companion to the LRC Training Manual for Congregations by David Rhoads.

·         Additional biblical resources at LRC companion site:  

·         Sparkhouse (part of Fortress Press) had VBS materials on caring for creation. 


Spiritual Practices:

·         Personal devotions available on LRC website: sidebar “Individuals.”

·         Personal Covenant with Creation: Sidebar: “Individuals.”

·         Monthly “Living Earth” reflections—they are a subscription email and you can find a sign up here:



·         Environmental Guide for Congregations, Their Buildings and Grounds, by David Glover and David Rhoads. Can be downloaded. Covers all aspects of building and grounds with ecological, biblical, theological reflections for each of 12 areas plus suggested actions for church and home.

·         Energy Stewards Initiative for ELCA congregations—two year program with online platform to track progress, action tables to complete, webinars every two months, and mentoring. See the sidebar on the LRC website under Energy Stewards Initiative.

·         Awakening to God's Call to Earthkeeping—a 50-page resource with Leader Guide and participant materials for use in faith-based small group context: adult or youth classes, women’s circles, men’s groups, congregational green team, retreat setting.   



·         Monthly emphasis resources: Transportation, Water, Food, and Green Christmas.

·         Resources in the LRC Congregational Training Manual on “Promoting Your Commitment.”

·         Eco-tips and excerpts from the ELCA Caring for Creation social statement.


Critical Components of Participating ELCA Churches:

Please note: In a few topic areas, GF and LRC ask that congregations fulfill the Certification Program requirements through the use of ELCA-specific resources; for instance, using an ELCA curriculum to fulfill a religious education requirement. This provides a Lutheran dimension to the Certification Program in your community, and ensures you are making good use of LRC and ELCA resources. In a few cases, we ask your congregation to fulfill Lutheran requirements that are in addition to the ones prescribed by GreenFaith, such as through publicizing ELCA social statements. Below are the critical Lutheran components your congregation will need to fulfill.



Congregation will need to have submitted their most recent congregational annual report. If this is not yet submitted, they should take the time to submit it prior to sending in their Certification Program application.



In GreenFaith’s introductory e-mails to green teams when they join the Certification Program, GreenFaith will ask green team members to read through these materials and keep them on hand:

  • LRC Congregational Training Manual 
  • Checklists for all areas of the manual


Adult Religious Education:

As part of this requirement, a congregation should choose do one of the following options:



·         “Caring for Creation” social statement (divided into 52 segments, so congregation can put something from statement into bulletin every week). LRC brief list of ten reasons on Why Lutherans Care for Creation. Plus Luther’s Catechism revised by ELCA pastor to reflect care for creation.

·         Feedback to LRC liaison in the form of pictures and stories. These will be used on the LRC website, and publicized more widely.

·         “Sufficient Sustainable Livelihood”, an ELCA economic life statement and has a lot to say about sustainable economic growth.  Social statements available at


Environmental Justice:

The leadership of a congregational green team sign up for the Lutheran federal e-Advocacy network as well as for any state network (there are Lutheran policy offices in 15 states; not all of them have email networks but many do).  The federal sign up is here: To sign up for state networks, they will need to go to their state office webpage, which are listed here:  


Additional Lutheran Resources:

Potential Webinars:

  • ELCA-specific webinar to review the various resources available.
  • Webinar on ELCA Environmental Justice and Advocacy.
  • Webinar on the Energy Stewards Initiative.

One-on-one Consulting:

Site-specific help, for instance the Metro Chicago synod has a revolving loan fund that congregations can make use of.  Help identify local EJ speakers. LRC liaison Johan Bergh