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GreenFaith Certification Program for ELCA Congregations

In Partnership with Lutherans Restoring Creation

GreenFaith and Lutherans Restoring Creation (LRC) are collaborating to enroll ELCA congregations in the GreenFaith Certification Program. The program begins in January, 2013, with the first application deadline of December 1st, 2012. To launch the collaboration, GreenFaith is underwriting 50% of the tuition of 20 ELCA congregations nationwide. This unique program helps houses of worship become environmental leaders, reduce operating expenses, and engage new and younger members.  It’s a great church growth and development program. GreenFaith provides extensive guidance and support that enable churches to succeed, including a special website with over 200 resources, free webinars, one-on-one mentoring and assistance, and connections to other congregations throughout the country. LRC will provide Lutheran-specific resources, and a mentor to assist with Lutheran components of the program.
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For questions, contact GreenFaith Certification Program Director Stacey Kennealy at:
The LRC liaison/ mentor is Rev. Dr. Johan Bergh: Click here to learn about Johan Bergh.


·        GreenFaith launch press release (April 11, 2012).


·        GreenFaith Flyer outlining the program (see pdf at the bottom of this page).


·        Componentsof the Certification Program (at a glance)


·        LutheranResources/Requirements for the Certification Program.


·        Benefitsof the program.


·        Lengthof time commitment and cost/ tuition subsidy.


·         Applicationprocess and deadline (at a glance)


·        Frequently Asked Questions


Watch an hour-long taped webinar from June 17, 2012 introducing the GreenFaith certification Program to representatives of Lutheran Congregations.

Sign up for an hour-long Webinar to introduce the program to ELCA congregations: Thursday, September 27 at 8:00 Eastern Time.
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GreenFaith Certification Program for congregations:


GreenFaith Certification Program Director Stacey Kennealy:


Lutherans Restoring Creation mentor, Rev. Dr. Johan Bergh:

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