GreenFaith-Lutherans Restoring Creation 

Certification Program for ELCA Congregations


Stacey Kennealy, Director, GreenFaith Certification Program

Does your congregation want to . . .

  • Care for Creation?
  • Reduce operating costs?
  • Attract new and younger members?
  • Develop new leadership?
  • Deepen your Lutheran faith?
If yes -- the Lutherans Restoring Creation-GreenFaith Certification Program is for you.
We at LRC believe that the GreenFaith Certification Program for congregations is an extremely well-run program that is rigorous and that will serve your congregation well. It is a substantive two-year program that will bring congregations just starting in creation care to a sustainable level of commitment. And for those congregations already engaged in creation care, it will deepen and expand the commitment to continue at high levels of activity. The expectations are not difficult or overwhelming, and there is lots of support. Nevertheless, the application process is serious, the components of the program will stretch you, the monitoring and mentoring makes the program move along at a reasonable pace, and the expected outcomes are substantial.

LRC has partnered with GreenFaith to bring Lutheran resources and programs into the GF Certification Program so that it is genuinely oriented to and entails a revitalization of ELCA Congregations. In addition, LRC provides a Lutheran coach, Johan Bergh, so that Lutheran green teams can find resources and guidance to tailor the certification process to their identity and needs. We hope you give serious consideration to this program. We believe that you will not be disappointed.

NEW GreenFaith offered a webinar in Februrary 14 to introduce the GreenFaith Certification Program for Congregations and share the success story of Temple Sholom, Chicago.  Find the recording of this webinar here.  Last year's webinar (February 2013) featured success stories from Church of the Presentation Catholic Parish and Temple Sharey-Tefilo Israel. 

The GreenFaith Certification Program is a nationally-recognized two-year program which helps congregations ‘green’ their worship, education, facilities, and outreach. No other program provides as many resources, and as much support. We guarantee reduced facility operating costs, and help your congregation deepen its environmental work and attract new members.

United by Faith Lutheran Church Does Renewal and Goes Green with the GreenFaith Certification Program

When you are baptized into Christ at United By Faith Lutheran Church in Evergreen Park, Illinois, you are literally baptized into the world! The baptismal font in the sanctuary is a beautiful bowl with the earth’s seas and continents adorning its surface. 

Entering life in Christ in this way reflects the theology and mission values of this congregation that entered the GreenFaith Certification Program in and is well on its way to completing the 2-year environmental program. [Read More]

Click here for all the information you need to proceed. At this portal you can find all the basic information you need to proceed along with links to further information at the GreenFaith site. The Director of the GreenFaith Certification Program is Stacey Kennealy ( The Lutherans Restoring Creation Coach for the program is Johan Bergh (

Click here to learn more about the certification program

Lutherans Restoring Creation announces tuition subsidies for ELCA congregations for GreenFaith Certification

GreenFaith and Lutherans Restoring Creation (LRC) are collaborating to enroll ELCA congregations in the GreenFaith Certification Program. To launch the collaboration, GreenFaith is underwriting 50% of the tuition of 20 ELCA congregations nationwide.

This unique program helps houses of worship become environmental leaders, reduce their operating expenses, and engage new and younger members.  It’s a great church growth and development program – in ‘green’ clothing! GreenFaith provides extensive support, helping participating churches succeed.

GreenFaith will offer free webinars to help ELCA leaders learn more. 

  • Clergy, lay leaders, and congregation green teams: Learn more about the Certification Program by visiting: and downloading the attached certification flier on the list at the bottom of this page.
  • Synods, synod green teams, and other groups: Publicize this opportunity by downloading and distributing to your networks the flyer, news release, and publicity blurb on the list at the bottom of this page.

Questions?  Contact Certification Program Director Stacey Kennealy at:  

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Apr 26, 2012, 10:11 AM
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Peter Bakken,
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