Covenant With Creation

Challenge for your church:

1) Listen: Lutherans Restoring Creation Founder, Rev. Dr. David M. Rhoads, was the guest preacher at all
worship services at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Mahtomedi, MN on
 May 21, 2017. His message explains the calling we have as Christians to carry a spirit of hope and a calling to move past political differences to uphold the commitment we have in this sacred trust. [Listen here to the 15 minute sermon]
2) Discuss: Present this Covenant with Creation for Congregations to your Church Council and determine your community's openness to envelop this ministry as part of the ongoing mission of your church. How does each of your existing functions of a church reflect a reverence for the gifts of creation? (Building/Grounds, Worship, Education, etc).  If you already have a similar commitment - please share it with us so we can share your insights!
3) Choose: Is there a person, existing committee, or group for whom this calling (to communicate with hundreds of other Lutherans across the nation) would enrich their faith formation and offer support to their work in your church? Mail or email a copy of your Covenant to us ASAP and you will be partnered with a trainer to work with the liaison(s).  LRC will help your congregation develop a custom action guide which your house of worship believes is attainable in the next 12 months. (See full list of options here - too many to conquer at once - but a lot to choose from!) 
4) Act:  Ensure that your Church Council is behind this plan of action and will alert your synod leadership as to your intentions. Set up a calendar to check your progress by and POST it so that your fellow members ask how it's going (and how they can help). Make sure a representative from your church is on the monthly inter-synod conference calls facilitated by Lutherans Restoring Creation.  Just dive in, and if some things are harder than expected, go to the next thing on your list! Don't forget that celebrating the abundance of creation is an action in itself.

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Mar 3, 2018, 5:24 PM
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