NEW Creation-Care articles in April 2016 issue of Living Lutheran, including:

  • "Stream, Flood and Spring: Water Renewing the Earth and the Church" by Benjamin M. Stewart
  • "The Sacredness of Creation" by Kwame Pitts
  • "Eco-Evangelism in Action: How Congregations are 'Going Green'--and Making an Impact" by Josh Weinhold
  • "The Waters of Baptism" by Mark Brocker and Rachel Brocker Langford

NEW Eco-Reformation is the theme of the April 2016 issue of Currents in Theology and Mission. Guest editor is Barbara Rossing, with help from David Rhoads. Essayists include Ben Stewart, Barbara Rossing and David Rhoads, Stewart Herman, and Vitor Westhelle. There are two magnificent sermons from Linda Thomas and Ben Stewart.  See the Table of Contents and get access to all the articles

Fresh Eco-Justice Preaching Reflections on the Lectionary for Year C Tom Mundahl, Dennis Ormseth, Richard Perry, Robert Saler, Paul Santmire, Leah Schade provide substantive reflections on the weekly lessons that highlight care for creation. 

Generating an Eco-Justice Reformation: A Speakers Bureau  A Speakers Bureau has been gathered to represent a number of informed leaders in the ELCA capable of serving as conference speakers, panel participants, and workshop leaders for events sponsored by congregations, synods, seminaries, ministeriums, colleges, and other agencies of the church. [Learn More]

ADVOCACY ALERT: Take Action to Help the People of Flint, Michigan

Many concerned Lutherans around the country are asking what they can do to help the people of Flint, whose water has been contaminated with lead.  

ELCA Advocacy and the Southeastern Michigan Synod invite you to advocate for legislation that would increase immediate relief for Flint and work towards long-term solutions. 


NEW EACH WEEK  Eco-Justice Commentary on the Lectionary Lessons

Pentecost Season in Year C

The Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost in Year C (by Robert Saler) (2013)

The Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost in Year C (by Robert Saler) (2013)

The Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost in Year C (by Robert Saler) (2013)

The Tenth Sunday after Pentecost in Year C (by Robert Saler) (2013)

The Ninth Sunday after Pentecost in Year C (by Robert Saler) (2013)

The Eighth Sunday after Pentecost in Year C (by Dennis Ormseth) (2013)

The Seventh Sunday after Pentecost in Year C (by Dennis Ormseth) (2013)

The Sixth Sunday after Pentecost in Year C (by Dennis Ormseth) (2013)

LRC encourages you to preach on the papal encyclical, Laudato si’, mi’ signore: “All praise to you, my Lord” 

Sermon on the encyclical by Leah Schade

For more resources about the encyclical on our site, click here.


After nearly 10 years of service as ELCA Advocacy director for Environmental Policy and Education, Mary Minette has completed her work with the ELCA Advocacy Office and is moving to a new position, where she is continuing to work for creation justice.

"As a champion of all the vulnerable people and creatures of Earth and a powerful advocate for our living Earth community, Mary has made so many significant contributions and taken so many effective actions. More than that, she has generated an ethos of commitment that has spread into so many areas of the church. We thank her for her partnership with LRC, her friendship with so many of us, her collegiality, and her many expressions of the Spirit. We pray for all the best of God’s richest blessings to Mary and her family in the transition."

-- David Rhoads, LRC Director